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Questions from God to Man Kingdom Bible Study Guide

Questions from God to Man Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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One of the attributes or characteristics about God is His omniscience – His all-knowingness. Yet, in the scriptures, we see God engaging with humanity asking them questions, as if He doesn’t already know the answer. So what is the purpose of God’s questioning of man? And what are some of the questions God has asked of His human creation? 

In this life-changing series, you will learn about some of the powerful questions from God to man that are designed to help us understand how we are to relate to God, crucial elements we must look out for in our journey with God, and how to stay spiritually in stride with God. If you desire to have a productive and prosperous relationship with God, this series is a MUST have!

Chapters Include:
  • Adam, Where Are You?
  • Where is Your Brother?
  • The Criticality of Decision-Making: How Long Will You Limp Between Two Opinions?
  • Where Were You When I Laid the Foundation of the Earth? God is in Control
  • Shall a Man Rob God?
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