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Spiritually Gifted Volume 2 Kingdom Bible Study Guide

Spiritually Gifted Volume 2 Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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Romans 11:29 states, “…for God’s free gifts and his calling are irrevocable.” What does this mean? What is God’s call and how does one walk in spiritual gifts? If you ask the average believer if they want to be used by God, they would say, “Yes!” But the call of God and spiritual gifts are not what most believers think they are. 

In this series, you will learn what it truly means to be spiritual, how to walk in the mind of Christ, the differences between callings and careers and gifts and talents, the ascension and descension gifts, and much more! 

Series Messages Include:
  • The Carnal Mind vs. the Spiritual Mind Part 3
  • Being Spiritual
  • Callings and Gifts
  • Let's Talk Spiritual Gifts
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