KLC20 Workshops (MP3)

$ 9.99

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Do you feel like every year is just like the year before? Are you stuck and can’t move your life in the direction of your destiny? You are not alone! People all around the world are verbalizing their frustration with not being able to move their lives in the direction that makes their dreams a reality. We have your solution! Join us February 19th-23rd for not just another conference, but an experience that will transform your leadership ability. 

At the Power of Visionary Leadership conference you will learn from leadership experts how to move from ordinary to extraordinary leadership in your ministry, business, finances, family and health! Join us as leadership guru, Dr. Dana Carson, with over 35 years of executive leadership experience and his extraordinary life experiences from high school dropout to 8 college degrees, shares with you, along with other leadership experts, how to get things done.

*All registrations are non-refundable