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God Wants to Establish You Kingdom Devotional

God Wants to Establish You Kingdom Devotional

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Chances are you've probably heard the popular phrase, "Act your age not your shoe size." It's a common phrase quoted by parents to their children, who for some reason or another are acting immature. It's no secret that growing up is a natural part of life, but it's not always easy. It takes discipline and a lot of hard work to mature and to live a mature life. In this is powerful series, you will learn all about what it means to have Kingdom maturity, discipline not only naturally, but spiritually. You will learn:

  • The process to spiritual maturation
  • How to stay the course, even when you face difficult obstacles in life
  • How to live as a fully-functional citizen of the Kingdom

Let God establish you and make you into a powerful vessel for His glory!

Chapters Include:

  • Strive for the Kingdom - Don't Give Up!
  • If Heaven Is Your Goal, You Have to Put Something On It!
  • God Wants to Establish You
  • Moving On to the Kingdom
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