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The Journey to the Promise Series

The Journey to the Promise Series

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As believers, our walk with God is just that - a walk! It's a journey that begins when God calls us and it's up to us whether or not we complete the journey to receive God's promises. So what does this journey look like? What does God expect of us on this journey? How do we ensure we endure to the end?

In this life-changing series, Dr. Dana and Pastor Rachelle Carson give you the keys you need to make it through God's faith-filled journey that He predetermined for your life before you were born! Looking at the life of Abram before he became Abraham, you will learn how to live by God's promises, how to pursue the journey amidst failure and heartache, God's expectations of you on the journey, and how to walk into the manifestation of God's promises.

Series Messages Include:

  • A Journey to the Promise
  • Going After the Promise
  • How's the Journey?
  • The Faith Journey
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