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Two Churches, Two Americas, One God Volume 4 Series

Two Churches, Two Americas, One God Volume 4 Series

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The response of the Christian church to the infamous 2020 United States Presidential election was one that will forever go down in history. This election brought to light the great racial divide that exists in the Christian church, particularly in America.

In this powerful series, Dr. Dana Carson discusses the reality and the cause of this divide from a biblical perspective. You will learn how the Christian church came to be so divided in America, the effects of racism and other dynamics in the church that has caused two churches and two Americas to form in our 21st century society, and the biblical solution to healing the wounds of division.

Series Messages Include:

  • An Analysis of the Church
  • The Challenge of the Contemporary Church
  • Ten Dominant Traits of the Contemporary Church
  • The Kingdom-Minded Church
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