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A Call to Build and Repair

A Call to Build and Repair

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People do not even enter into relationships based on what they can give; they enter relationships based on what they can get from the other person. The expectation of a 'return' is common in any type of relationship - platonic, marital, parental, etc. Just as people expect a return from those they are in a relationship with, God also expects a return from those who are in a relationship with Him and His church.
In this anointed message, Dr. Carson discusses the challenges 21st century believers are having in their relationships with other people and with God. You will learn:
  • How to repair, build, and restore your relationships with other people
  • How to position your life in the favor of God
  • God's promises and benefits to your life as a result of your relationship with His church
  • And much, much more!

Build and repair your spiritual and social relationships today by ordering your copy of this anointed message!

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