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A Champion Mentality Series

A Champion Mentality Series

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There's an old adage that says, "Men live in the houses that they dream of," and if you ask any successful person, they will tell you just how true this statement is. But what makes the successful person different from the unsuccessful person? What makes the celebrity athlete different from the non-celebrity athlete? The successful person or the celebrity athlete are not better people; they're humans just like the rest of humanity. But the thing that puts them head and shoulders above the next person is their MENTALITY - they have the mentality of a champion! 

If you want to move from 'common' status to 'champion' status, it all starts with your mentality. In this life-changing series, Dr. Carson will teach you why you are qualified to be extraordinary, how to use the pains and obstacles of life to propel you into a great and prosperous future, and the key traits of losers and winners. This series is sure to ignite you and put you on track to making your dreams a reality!

Series Messages Include:

  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary
  • From Pain to Prosperity
  • From Loser to Winner
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