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A Walk Through Colossians Volume 1 Series

A Walk Through Colossians Volume 1 Series

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The epistle to the Colossians was written by the great Apostle Paul, and is one of the three epistles (including Ephesians and Philemon) he wrote while imprisoned in Rome. Paul wrote this church to put them on guard agains false teachings, which some believe had already begun to creep into the church. In this powerful series, Dr. Dana Carson walks you through Paul's salutation, prayers, and instructions for those in Colosse, while bringing to life Paul's teachings for us in the 21st century church today.

In this series, you will learn the contextual background of the Colossians epistle and who Paul was specifically writing to; what the will of God is and how to practically walk in it; who God is as King and the benefits of being in His Kingdom; and who Christ is and how failure to know who He is impacts your Kingdom walk.  

Series Messages Include:
  • Christ, Our Hope
  • Living in the Will of God
  • The King and His Kingdom
  • The Incomparable Christ
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