A Walk Through Ephesians Volume 1 Series

$ 26.99
The church at Ephesus was an extremely important church during the early church era. They were so important that the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to them to instruct them in better understanding the Kingdom life. In this powerful series, Dr. Dana Carson walks you through the entire book of Ephesians, leaving no verse unturned!

You will learn God’s original intent for all of His creation, the doctrine of grace and its significance to your life, the purpose of salvation and God’s ultimate plan and purpose for your life. You’ve never heard a teaching like this on the book Ephesians! This life-changing series is sure to reignite your faith in God and put you on track to living a Kingdom life that is productive and full of power.
Series Messages Include:
  • It’s All About Him
  • Sola Gratia: By Grace Alone
  • A Reconciled Assignment
  • The Plan, the Purpose and the Power of God