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A Walk Through Galatians Volume 3 Series

A Walk Through Galatians Volume 3 Series

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The epistle to the Galatians is one Paul's most feisty epistles written to the church. He wrote it to combat the ills that were present in the early church, particularly in the churches in Galatia. In this powerful series, Dr. Dana Carson walks you through the mentality and instructions of Paul to these churches to ensure they stayed in line with the Word of God and were not swept away by false doctrine and other unbiblical practices.

In this series, you will learn how the system of interpreting Torah through legalism came to be, the promise and the practice of salvation, the foundational covenants of the Older and Newer Testament, the different types of love, and how the Bible defines the works of the flesh. 

Messages Include:
  • The Promise and the Practice
  • Liberation and the Gospel
  • Liberty, Love, and Life
  • The Works of the Flesh
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