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Battle of the Ages Series

Battle of the Ages Series

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When it comes to being great in anything, preparation is considered one of the most essential aspects, and without it, one can never achieve greatness. One of the world's greatest professional boxers Muhammad Ali was considered to be great because of the work he put in leading up to every fight he'd face; learning his enemies moves and preparing strategies of his own. Muhammad Ali's preparation for his battles allowed him to become great in his fights.

Similar to Ali's fights, we as believers have spiritual battles that we face every day and must be prepared for, in order to overcome and be great. In this series, Dr. Carson reveals tricks that the enemy uses to cause you to stumble, as well as gives you Kingdom strategy designed to prepare you to be great in battle. Get your copy of Battle of the Ages today!

Series Messages Include:

  • Don't Get Stuck!
  • He's Coming, But I Got Something For Him!
  • Kingdom Ministry: What's It All About?
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