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First Things Kingdom Bible Study Guide

First Things Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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In life, there are so many different aspects of our lives to focus on, that prioritization can become a huge challenge. And if we don't prioritize things correctly, we know we will feel the burden or the weight of our lives being unbalanced. In this life-changing series, Dr. Carson will teach you how to set your priorities in way that you are guaranteed to experience the favor and blessings of God!

You will learn God's system of prioritization in the Kingdom and what you can do to ensure God prioritizes you. You will also learn how to set your life according to God's priorities in your relationships, your finances, your career, and even your own spiritual development. If you're ready to get clear direction for your life, learn how to put first things first and watch God do the supernatural in your life!

Chapters Include:
  • First Things First
  • Shall a Man Rob God?
  • Priorities
  • Send Judah First
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