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Hearing God: Understanding His Voice Volume 2 Series

Hearing God: Understanding His Voice Volume 2 Series

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Just like any relationship in the natural, a relationship with God involves constant communication. And the way that God communicates with His people is through His Word. Thus, it's imperative that we not only read the Word, but actually hear, understand, and obey what God is saying through His Word.

In this powerful series, Dr. Carson teaches on the mother of all parables - the Parable of the Hearers. You will learn why understanding this parable is the prerequisite to understanding all other parables, what it really means to hear the voice of God, what kind of hearer you are, and much more!

Series Messages Include:
  • The Dynamics of the Kingdom and Hearing
  • What Kind of Hearer Are You?
  • Kingdom Dynamics Part 1
  • Kingdom Dynamics Part 2
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