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John the Baptizer Series

John the Baptizer Series

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When most people think of John the baptizer, they simply think of the man who came to introduce Jesus. But the Bible teaches us that John the baptizer was more than just an introducer of Christ; he was a powerful man of God with a strategic Kingdom assignment. In this powerful series, Dr. Carson will help you to understand the life, ministry, and message of John the baptizer and how his ministry impacts believers today. You will learn the purpose of John's life, how and why his life, message, and ministry were foreign to the religious leaders and people of his time, and understand the key interactions between John and Jesus the Messiah. This series is a MUST if you desire to understand the Kingdom of God!

Series Include:

  • John the Baptist and the Announcement of the Kingdom of God 
  • The Power of John the Baptist and the Kingdom 
  • John the Baptist and the Affirmation of the Kingdom 
  • John the Reformationist and the Kingdom of God
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