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Kingdom 20/20 Bible Study Guide

Kingdom 20/20 Bible Study Guide

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Have you ever wondered "why" God created you or what His purpose is for your life? The Bible teaches us that before you and I were formed in our mother's womb, God intimately knew us and had already determined the purpose for which He created us. The challenge of most believers is clearly identifying what this purpose is and how to live in and maximize it. In this powerful book, Dr. Carson will teach you how to properly see God and connect to His purpose for your life. You will learn:

  • How to tell the difference between heavenly and non-heavenly visions
  • The different ways in which God speaks and reveals His purpose to believers
  • How to practically put your life on track to fulfilling God's purpose for your life

This life-changing book is sure to give you Kingdom 20/20, so that you can clearly see God and His predetermined design for your life!

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