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Kingdom Ethics & Values

Kingdom Ethics & Values

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Kingdom Ethics and Values is a brilliant addition to the 12-volume Kingdom Teaching Series by Dr. Dana Carson. You must read this book and the entire Kingdom Teaching Series if you really want to understand the message of Jesus the Jewish Messiah off the world! Dr. Dana Carson has written more on the Kingdom of God, as a scholar practitioner, than any other person in history, having authored over 170 books and other written materials that focus upon the original teachings of Christ, The Kingdom of God.

This book will assist you in understanding the principles that are necessary to have what the book of Joshua refers to as "good success."

The principles that are discussed in this volume of the Kingdom Teaching Series are designed to propel your life to another spiritual stratosphere in the Kingdom of God. Jesus came preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God, explaining the principal operations of the Kingdom of God, and expanding upon the rabbinic teachings of Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings of the Older Testament. This book takes a comprehensive look at what I considered to be some of the most basic and fundamental principles of the Kingdom as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. This book will serve as a powerful study guide, lesson resource, or devotional reading for you and others.

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