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Kingdom Marriage & Relationships Bundle

Kingdom Marriage & Relationships Bundle

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For a limited time, we have bundled four of our most impactful Kingdom Relationship guides. This Bundle includes:

The Kingdom in the Home

Is your home filled with chaos? Do your kids seem to be living a life outside of your values? Have you tried, again and again, to get your house in order but with no success? "Kingdom in the Home" has the answers you've been looking for! Dr. Carson explains how to infuse your home with peace, bring love into your relationships, and create the order and structure you’ve always desired. Discover the secret to transforming your house and making it a home that glorifies the King!

Why Relationships Aren't Working

In this day and age, relationships are under siege. Men, women, and children are struggling to try to find fulfillment, love, and intimacy. God wants you to know how to navigate through the muck and mire that destroys relationships. In this series, you will gain the skills to preserve and insulate your relationships from the onslaught and give you some valuable keys to create healthy relationships in the future.

Kingdom Family

Mother, father, daughters, sons - these are the titles of the individuals who make up a family. God intended for our families to be modeled after Him, and the Bible shows us how. This series will teach you the roles in a Kingdom family that ensures its purpose is preserved and stability exists. Learn how to have a Kingdom-focused family that glorifies God with this series.

Kingdom Relationships

Relationships are an important part of life but the most important of all is your relationship with God! It's always to your best advantage to learn how to have successful and meaningful relationships. Dr. Carson teaches on four aspects of relationships - dating, marriage, parenting, and divorce! This is a must-have for those who want to learn how to have healthy God-centered relationships!

Don't delay; order your bundle and start building better relationships today!

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