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Kingdom Power Kingdom Bible Study Guide (2023)

Kingdom Power Kingdom Bible Study Guide (2023)

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Did you know that Jesus forbade His disciples from executing the Great Commission until they were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit? Jesus understood that He was about to send them to combat the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan and their understanding of the scriptures was not enough. Thus, in Luke 24:49, Jesus commanded them to go and tarry in Jerusalem, because until they received the power of the Holy Spirit they weren't fit to do Kingdom business! In this powerful guide, Dr. Carson will teach you how to move from knowing about the power of God to operating in the power of God. You will learn how to activate your faith to produce miracles and other supernatural signs and wonders, what Jesus meant when He said the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, how to live a consistent, powerful Kingdom life, and more!

Chapters Include:

  • God Can Do It
  • The Kingdom is Good News
  • The Ministry of Jesus and Kingdom Power
  • Advancing and Breaking Out With Power
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