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Kingdom Power Volume 1 Series

Kingdom Power Volume 1 Series

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In Christianity today, the message of the Kingdom of God is interpreted through the lens of socialism and capitalism mixed with racism, which has distorted the message. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is one of the most controversial and misunderstood teachings of the Bible. As a result, the church has become a weak and powerless institution that God never intended it to be. Many today are asking God like Gideon, "Where are all of the miracles that our fathers told us of?"

In this powerful series, Dr. Carson begins a life-changing journey to unlocking the message of the Kingdom. We cannot walk in the POWER of the Kingdom that produces miracles, signs, and wonders until we first UNDERSTAND the Kingdom. In this series, you will understand the Kingdom of God like you've never understood it before. You will learn what the Kingdom of God is, the differences between the Kingdom and the church, how to see and enter the Kingdom, and how to position yourself to walk in Kingdom power.

Series Messages Include:
  • The Kingdom Mind
  • Kingdom Power
  • What is the Kingdom? Part 1
  • What is the Kingdom? Part 2
  • What is the Kingdom? Part 3
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