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Kingdom Unity Series (2016)

Kingdom Unity Series (2016)

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In a world and society where rugged individualism and independence are promoted, the concept of "unity" can be considered overrated and outdated. But the truth of the matter is people believe in the concept of unity, therefore they unify around belief systems, sports, extracurricular activities, and the like. The concept of unity didn't start with man, it started with God, for God is one! In this anointed series, Dr. Carson will help you understand the significance of unity in the Kingdom and how it impacts your life. You will learn why unity is necessary, how to live in unity with other believers, and what happens when believers disconnect from the Body of Christ.

Messages Include:

  • We Are the Body - Kingdom Unity
  • We Are One
  • We Matter and You Don't
  • We Can Do It Together: The Power of Unity
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