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Kingdom Wealth-Building Kingdom Bible Study Guide

Kingdom Wealth-Building Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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Wealth-building is one of the most conflicting topics in the Body of Christ, because very few believers have the ability to prioritize the Kingdom of God and build wealth simultaneously. Many have fallen prey to the deceitfulness of riches on their journeys to serve God and acquire wealth. But the Bible teaches us that we can be faithful to God and generate wealth that lasts for generations, and we know it's possible because of God's covenant with the Jewish people! In this guide, you will learn the difference between Kingdom wealth-building and secular wealth-building, how to live a profitable Kingdom life, what a proper attitude about wealth-building looks like and how you can obtain it, and how to experience all of the covenantal blessings God has for your life.

Chapters Include:

  • Kingdom Wealth-Building
  • Profitable Living or Living the Kingdom Life
  • Kingdom Wealth-Building and the Attitude
  • Maximizing the Covenant
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