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Paul, the Gospel, and the Kingdom

Paul, the Gospel, and the Kingdom

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The contemporary church is ignorant of the gospel of the Kingdom today because of 3 basic mentalities: Romanization, colonization, and Europeanized Protestantism. With these mindsets, we have uprooted Jesus from His original Jewish context, and have made Him a Roman or European, when in fact He was neither! Many also argue that Jesus and Paul preached 2 different gospels. In this powerful message, Dr. Carson will expose the truths and myths of the gospel and how both impact your life. You will learn:

  • The evidence that proves that Jesus' message was NOT His death, burial, and resurrection
  • The essence of the Kingdom message
  • The gospel according to the Apostle Paul and how it compares to the message that Jesus preached

Your understanding of the gospel of the Kingdom is paramount to your understanding of Jesus the Messiah and His Kingdom. Take your understanding to the next level today by ordering a copy of this anointed message.

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