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Rebuilding for the Future Kingdom Bible Study Guide

Rebuilding for the Future Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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We're living in a very crucial and prophetic season in the contemporary church and one of the most pivotal seasons of church history. Nearly two years has passed since the launching of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the society in which we lived has changed. Because of what's happening in our world, many people are rethinking their walks and relationships with God. What, then, is God saying to His church in this day and time?

In this powerful guide, Dr. Carson reveals the condition of the contemporary church in our post-Covid context and how the church can overcome and rebuild the spiritual ruins caused by Covid-19. You will learn why the church must rebuild, what it takes to rebuild in our current ministry context, how to overcome those who fight against the church moving forward, and a Kingdom-minded strategy to rebuilding not just our physical houses of worship, but our relationships with God.

Chapters Include:

  • A Call to Rebuild
  • What Does it Take? The Cost of Rebuilding
  • Come Let Us Build
  • The Power of a Strategy to Build


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