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Reconnecting to God

Reconnecting to God

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Connecting to God & the Kingdom | Sunday AM - 01/08/17

Since the beginning of time man has drifted further and further from God. So much so that in the 21st century Europe has become a neo-pagan continent that does not worship God and America is largely post-Christian- filled with people who practice their beliefs void of biblical understanding. The world has largely disconnected from God! Yet God declares in Malachi 3:1-7 that He is the Lord, He does not change and still desires to have relationship with us! God wants to reconnect! In this message listen as Dr. Carson explains how man lost his connection with God. Have you lost your personal connection with Him? If so have you gone too far to return? Is it actually necessary to have a relationship with God in order to live life day to day? Buy this message today to learn how to reconnect God and walk in thriving, intimate relationship with Him!

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