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Running With Vision Series

Running With Vision Series

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The Bible teaches that vision is a disclosure of an unseen reality, which means before you were born, God had a vision for your life, and He expects you to walk out that vision! The challenge with God’s vision, however, is that it in no way lines up with your vision for your life. God’s vision is not for you to have a successful career or for you to get married and have children. God’s vision involves you submitting yourself to His will and then running with what He has already prescribed for you to do. In this series, Dr. Carson teaches on what vision from God is and how you are to practically run with that vision. If you desire to walk totally submitted to God’s will for your life so that you can one day here those powerful words, “Well done My good and faithful servant,” then this series is just what you need!

Messages Include:

  • Get on Your Mark 
  • Get Ready 
  • Get Set 
  • Go With the Vision
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