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The Book of John Series Volume 7

The Book of John Series Volume 7

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The gospel of John is one of the most powerful books of the Bible. Through the lens of Jesus' beloved disciple, John, we get an insider's account of the life and ministry of Jesus. John helps us to understand Jesus' Godhead identity, His Messiahship, and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ that revolutionized the lives of many during His time.

In volume 7 of this series, Dr. Carson provides an expository teaching of John 6:15-51. You will learn the narrative behind Jesus walking on the sea, what the work of God really is, why Jesus is referred to as the “bread of heaven,” what Jesus meant when He claimed to be the “bread of life,” and what He meant by “My flesh is food and My blood is drink.”


Series Messages Include:

  • Jesus Walks on Water
  • The Work of God: Belief in Jesus
  • In Search for the Identity of Jesus
  • Did He Say Eat Me?
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