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The Four Stages of Discipleship Series

The Four Stages of Discipleship Series

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Mentorship is natural in the developmental process of every person. From birth throughout childhood and adulthood, we are placed in a position to be mentored by parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc., for the development of our lives for success. Just as mentorship is necessary in natural development, spiritual mentorship is also necessary in spiritual development. In this powerful series, Dr. Carson teaches on the four stages of development in the Kingdom - God's process for your life to get you to the place He has called you to be. You will learn the process of discipleship that EVERY believer MUST go through, how to grow in God and keep your spiritual life on track, how to maximize your Kingdom life, and more!

Series Messages Include:

  • "Adullam: On the Basis of Our Needs" 
  • "From Adullam to Ziklag: Using What You Got" 
  • "Hebron: The Place of Covenant" 
  • "What Happens in Jerusalem?"
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