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The Heart of Ministry Series

The Heart of Ministry Series

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In our 21st century church context, the heart of ministry has been diverted from God’s original purpose. The church has become a platform for motivational messages and secular humanistic life coaches, who preach and teach messages that are more concerned with the hearts of people rather than the heart of God, which is clearly expressed in His Word.

In this life-changing series, Dr. Carson passionately teaches on the heart of God in ministry - evangelism! You will learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the church and believers globally, why the Bible is the source of truth, what it takes for believers to become bold witnesses of Christ, and how to powerfully share your testimony and bring others into the Kingdom of God.

Series Messages Include:
  • The Value of a Witness: Who Knows What You Know?
  • The Credibility of a Witness
  • Now Run Tell That: The Eyewitnesses
  • Just Testify

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