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The Language of God Kingdom Bible Study Guide

The Language of God Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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Oftentimes, believers try to discern the voice of God through the circumstances and events of life. However, every circumstance, whether good or bad, doesn't mean God is trying to talk to you. God wants to talk to you regardless of the situations of your life, because God is a God that speaks! All things are upheld by the Word of God's power, thus, God desires to have conversations with you daily along your Kingdom journey. In this life-transforming guide, Dr. Dana Carson will teach you the language of God so that you can learn how to hear what God is speaking to you. You will learn the primary and secondary sources of God's communication, the mouthpieces of God in the Older and Newer Testaments, the difference between prophecy, dreams, and visions, and how to live out God's vision for your life.

Chapters Include:

  • The Language of God Part 1
  • The Language of God Part 2
  • What's the Difference Between Visions and Dreams?
  • What to Do With God's Vision
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