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The Mystery of the Kingdom Volume 2 (2019) Series

The Mystery of the Kingdom Volume 2 (2019) Series

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The Kingdom message that Christ taught was not understood by everyone who heard it. That’s why Jesus told the disciples that the Kingdom is a “mystery” to those who are on the outside. Thus, the understanding of the mystery of the Kingdom belongs to those who have entered into the Kingdom by making Christ Lord and King over their lives.

In this life-changing series, Dr. Carson continues to unlock the mystery of the Kingdom so that you can understand the teachings of Christ at a greater level! You will learn how the Kingdom functions and operates in conjunction with the church, the mission of the Kingdom, and the heart of Jesus’ 1st parable - the Parable of the Sower!”

Series Messages Include:
  • Knowing the Kingdom
  • Knowing the Kingdom Part 2
  • The Hearers
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