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The Shepherd and the Sheep Kingdom Bible Study Guide

The Shepherd and the Sheep Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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In a 21st century, post-COVID context, is having a pastor really necessary? With the advancement of technology providing people access to preachers and teachers all around the world, does God expect believers to submit to a spiritual covering in this day and time? These questions are plaguing the Body of Christ today and many are confused about the roles of pastors, while others see them as unnecessary to maintaining a relationship with God. What does the Bible say about this?

In this life-changing guide, Dr. Carson not only answers these questions from a biblical perspective, he also teaches just how significant a shepherd is to both God and the church. You will learn the prominence of the shepherd-sheep relationship in scripture; how God's blessings for your life are attached to your shepherd; and why it's imperative that every believer has a shepherd!

Chapters Include:
  • The Value of a Shepherd
  • The Prosperity Point: What Happens When You Bless the Man of God
  • The Soil of God
  • Why You Need a Pastor Part 1
  • Why You Need a Pastor Part 2
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