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Transformation and Change Kingdom Bible Study Guide

Transformation and Change Kingdom Bible Study Guide

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If you’ve ever resolved to change something about yourself, more than likely, you understand the decision to change is only the beginning. Why? Because change is HARD! While we have a 100% possibility of changing, the reality is that most people don't. So how do we overcome the odds and actually engage in the process of change? Get ready to explore the answer to this question in this powerful guide - Transformation and Change!

You will learn your true identity and how it impacts your entire life and future, how to build and maintain your self-esteem, and how to break mental and emotional cycles so that you can maximize and become the highly effective and productive person God wants you to be! 

Chapters Include:
  • Becoming: The Power of Identity
  • I Can't Live Like This: The Power of Self-Esteem
  • Breaking the Cycle: The Power of Transformation and Change
  • Breaking the Cycle and Managing the Struggle
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